Our 1999 Year End Review

Our first Run of the year was in April. We met in Los Gatos at a member’s home. From there we drove through Saratoga to Half Moon Bay. The owner of the Half Moon Bay Bakery and his friends prepared a wonderful BBQ lunch for us. After lunch, we wandered through the shops in town until it started to rain. Before it started to rain any harder we loaded up the roadsters and continued on our trip down Highway 1 to Santa Cruz. We checked into the hotel just in time for cocktails before dinner. Dinner was just a short walk to the Wharf. The next morning there were still dark clouds in the area so after breakfast we loaded up and headed for home. Despite the rain, everyone had a great time.

The Bizarre Run
In May we experienced a sure to go down in history Bizarre Run hosted by the two members of our club who define the word Bizarre. The day started out early in San Jose at the home of one of our hosts. There were rolls and Ramos Fizzes to get everyone in the proper state of mind.

At 10 am we started on the Bizarre Run journey which no one but the hosts knew where we were going nor what we would be doing when we got there.

The first part of the journey was a WALK to the local Park where we received a driver’s pep talk,

Then it was back to the Roadsters for a very back road trip through Saratoga to a great little Winery.

While we were there we had a tour of the Winery and of course we did some wine tasting along with enjoying the views of the countryside. Just before noon we departed the Winery, destination still unknown, to continue on our back road trip through Boulder Creek to our lunch stop. When we arrived our hosts shared with us that the restaurant had burned down shortly after he had made arrangements for us to have lunch there. Our Hosts encouraged us to follow them down the road and they would find us a place to eat. So we all climbed back into our Roadsters and followed our hosts down Highway 1 to beautiful downtown Castroville. Unknown to us this was our original lunch stop. The Restaurant of choice was a little rustic but the food was very good.

After lunch we left Castroville for another side trip through the countryside to our host’s Beach House in a community south of Santa Cruz.

The home was beautiful, the view was great, and what a perfect ending to a day that had brought a lot of fun and memories to all.

June: Cambria and Hearst Castle
Our June club run to Cambria and Hearst Castle started on a pleasant Friday morning in Gilroy. Eleven of us wended our way past green fields through Hollister, Tres Pinos, and the vineyards of Palcines to the junction of Highway 25 and 198. To the right; a short ride to our lunch stop at Paso Robles; to our left, the uncharted deserts of Fresno County and the oasis of Coalinga, where the bones of lost hot rodders litter the drifting sands! Because of some bad advice, our Intrepid leader turned left. However, we were only 2 hours late for lunch!

From that point on the ride was uneventful, and a truly great weekend was had by all. At a gas stop on the way home on scenic Highway One, a wide-eyed tourist lady asked if we were going to a car show. One of the club wives informed her that, "We have this car club and we just ride around and eat!"
And that we did!
~ Jim Holland

Well its back on the road again,
Topless and Proud

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