Our 2004 Year End Review

Our first run was held in mid April, and hosted by Woody Johnson. We started out the day with a brunch at Woody's home before taking a ride through the woods and over the Santa Cruz Mountains. Although it rained most of the day, we all had a great time and saw a lot of beautiful countryside. In the late afternoon, we returned to the Los Gatos area and had a great dinner. After spending the night we headed home on Sunday.

In June, Terry Elbert planned a one day run which included a cruise to the top of Mount Diablo. After enjoying the 360-degree view we headed down the mountain and into Pleasanton where we had lunch and held the club meeting.

In mid June Dennis Varni led a group down the coast, stopping at several points of attraction along the way to L.A. where we attended the Annual L.A. Roadsters Father's Day Run. While in L.A. we had a special invitation to visit Jay Leno's car collection on Saturday morning. This is a very rare opportunity and the club was grateful for the hospitality provided by Jay Leno.

In July, the club made a trip to San Luis for a first of which we hope will become an annual event to meet with the California Roadsters. The weekend activities were planned by the California Roadster members, and involved a cruise back to Fort Hunter Leggett off of Hwy 101 and up and over the mountains to Hwy 1. The drive over the mountains provided unbelievable views of the coastline as we started down the hillside to Hwy 1. We cruised down Hwy 1 to Cambria where we had lunch at a restaurant over looking the ocean. After lunch we headed back to San Luis. When we returned we had margaritas and traded stories. There was no shortage of stories. We all had a great weekend and hoped to meet again next year, only this time BAR will host the event.

In September each year the club makes its trip to Roadster Roundup. This year the Roundup was held at the Tenaya Lodge just inside the southern gate of Yosemite Park. It was hosted by the Valley Roadsters. The Roundup is a meeting of six Roadster clubs. This was the 39th Roadster Roundup and is a standing tradition enjoyed each year. This year was no exception. The scenery was beautiful and the events and facilities were great.

In October the run was hosted by Ray Ogden. It started in Pleasanton on Friday morning with a ride through the Valley to Hwy 160, where we cruised along the Sacramento River, to Sacramento. We spent the weekend sight seeing in Old Sacramento, taking a riverboat dinner cruise, a visit to the Railroad Museum, and a lot of just enjoying ourselves and each other. Sunday we cruised back down the river route returning to the Bay Area.

December brings our last scheduled club activity, our Annual Christmas Party. This year it was in Murphys, Ca., which is in the heart of gold country. The activities were planned by long time member Joe Cardoza. The weekend provided a great chance to celebrate the holidays with old friends and we really had a great time.

In addition to our runs, the membership meets each month for a dinner and club meeting. There are also many members who attend runs and other activities throughout the United States.

Members at Rest

  • Don Brusseau - B.A.R Club Founder
  • Dick Mendonca - Member
  • Glen Dennee - Member
  • Dewayne Metcalf - Member
  • Warren Freedlun - Lifetime Member
  • Dennis DeBenedictis - Lifetime Member
  • Tony Hobbs - Lifetime Member
  • Doug Silva - Honorary Member
  • Joe Casanova - Member