Our 2007 Year End Review

Meeting Dates & Locations Another year has come and gone, ending with a great Christmas Party, which all the Bay Area Roadsters Members and their wives enjoyed.

Whoever invented the wheel had no idea what it would lead to, Trains, Planes, Trucks, Cars and most important, HOT RODS. The Hot Rod has evolved from backyard jalopies to high tech dream machines. Along the way an industry was created for parts and products for Hot Rods and Customs. Many people make their living building, selling, showing, showing, promoting shows and designing new parts and pieces for car enthusiast of which there are many. What I think is the most important from all of this is the clubs that have come into being. These Hot Rod Clubs bring together people who are interested in the same kind of fun that only a Hot Rod can provide. Club function, Club runs, Club together provide for the development of comrodery with fellow club members and members from other clubs.

The year 2007 started out with the Grand National Roadster Show in Los Angeles. Some of the members of the Bay Area Roadsters attended and had a good time.

Next came the Peterson Museum 32 Ford Party. 75 years of the Deuce - The original Hot Rod.

In April our first Run of the season, put on by Bill Quintel and Doug Silva, this was their first run, so they thought we should drive to our destination (Napa) in the rain. So we did, most cars have no tops so this was a very rainy day cruise to our lunch stop. We arrived at the Hotel in time to clean the cars and dry off, before going to dinner on the Wine Train.

Our next Run "Show Time" was put on by Dennis Varni. Go east young man, over the hill to Gustine for lunch and then across the open plains to the town of Hanford, CA. A nice Bed and Breakfast, a few Margaritas, a drive in move, what else could a club ask for.

In June we were off to San Luis Obispo to attend the San Luis Roadsters Fun Run. A trip to a Horse Ranch for lunch was the highlight of this run.

Later in June, Ed Calvello put together a run with the San Jose Roadster Club. Our trip took us to Hollister Airport. This airport has many war birds and Vintage aircraft. Then off to Soquel and lunch at a winery. Great Day.

In July it was off to Waterloo, Ca. for a meeting of the Rods of the Round Table. Hosted by Sir Jim Holland. The Chocolate factor was hot, hot, hot, just ask Sir Andy of Brizio and Lady Sue.

August was a busy time. Steve Moal and Dave Schaub hosted the "put on Your Driving Shoes Run". Which was just that, go from point A to Point B answering questions along the way, stopping for lunch….looking at a cool car collection and ending up at our dinner stop, all this and trying to be on time. The high light of this run was who took the thong off ???? A BIG laugh by all.

August also had Andy's 32 Day in Calistoga, CA. A great day meeting old friends and new. A laid back run with lots of cars. Thanks to Andy and Sue, see you next year.

September was Roadster Roundup the Granddaddy of Roadster Runs. This year it was hosted by San Jose Roadsters. 101 Roadsters showed up in Santa Maria, Ca. for this event. Saturday we cruised through the country side to AJ Spurs in Bouilton for lunch. A parking lot full of Roadsters. What a sight for car buffs and there were many.

October saw Joe Cardoza and Sky Clausen with Club members cruise to Carmel for a fun weekend. The day started out with dark skies, but then cleared up (Thank God). All went well until someone played the old 'rock in the road trick'. Poor Doug didn't see it in time….enough said. After a mystery run to Rock Point for lunch it was off to Carmel Valley were we stayed at a cute resort…..Ate, drank, drank, and then played bingo where a bat joined in. This run has officially been changed from the Ant Run to the Bingo Bat Run. A fabulous cocktail party at the Salice's new home in Pacific Grove was a high light of this weekend.

December Christmas Party was in San Francisco, the weather was beautiful, the meals delicious and what a fun time we had at the Beach Blanket Babylon thanks to Tony Hobbs and of course, Eleanor.

Well that's all folks…………….time to get ready for 2008…………………

Well its back on the road again,
Topless and Proud

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