Our 2012 Year End Review

Well, another year has come and gone for the BAR, a year of good times, and unfortunately, some sad times.

This year's highlights included the March meeting at Roy's shop, and we got a tour of John Mumford's car collection. What a sight to behold. Fords all over the place. Some restored, some hot-rodded, some un-restored... all cool.

Next stop, Jim Holland's 80th Birthday Party in Jackson, Ca. What a time. Hard to believe I met him when he was 40. He hasn't changed a bit.

Sid and Lori's run in May was a brunch in Paso Tiempo, and another car collection in Soquel....heavy cars. Then off to do what the BAR does best, wine tasting. Then another of the club's favorite pastimes...dinner. Food is everything.

On to Ray and Marty's run, ride the go-carts. Everyone wants to be a race car driver. And...another meal. It's what we do best.

Moving right along, to the run with the Ca Roadsters in San Luis Obispo. This run is one of the highlights of the year. It's always fun to be with this group of guys and gals. We get a chance to drive our cars, eat, drink a little, eat, dance a little, eat, go a little nuts and then eat some more....Did I mention drinking!!!!! John and Dewayne have their work cut out for them to top this.

In August, Dennis Varni drove his race car 340 miles per hour at Bonneville. Way to go Dennis.

Next in August, we drove to Jackson, Ca. to be at Andy's 80th Birthday Party. Saturday night dinner, and then on Sunday, Andy's Picnic. Just like the old days. Hope it never ends. What a good time.

September-----Roadster Round-up.....This year the Valley Roadsters took us to Clovis, Ca. Hot, Hot, Hot...did I mention it was hot? On Saturday, we had a run-lunch at a nice place in the foothills east of Clovis. Saturday night, we had our banquet in downtown Clovis.

On September 29th, John Barry and Rissa tied the knot. What a beautiful wedding.

October was Tony and Eleanor's run with the help of John Gard. We met at Roy's shop for coffee and treats. You have to start the day off right. Then we drove the ocean route up to San Francisco Presidio to the Walt Disney Museum. The most beautiful day in S.F. that I have ever seen. Lunch on the green was so much fun. Dinner and breakfast at the hotel, and many surprises from Eleanor the entire weekend. Sunday, a tour of the San Francisco School of Design. We also toured a car collection there, thanks to John Gard.

One of our biggest events of the year, the Christmas Party, was hosted by Rich and Gail. Friday night there was a gathering for cocktails and hors d'oeuvre at their newly renovated home. Saturday, we had a great dinner at the Montrio Bistro in downtown Monterey. Sunday morning, we had our breakfast and gift exchange at the top of the hotel in a glass enclosed room overlooking Monterey Bay. You could see forever. To quote Bill Quintel, "Everything was OVER THE TOP!"...

The most difficult part of this year was to say goodbye to Dennis DeBenedicitis, a true hot-rodder and friend. A BAR member for 42 years.

ON TO 2013...

Well its back on the road again,
Topless and Proud

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