Club Run - Roadster Roundup 2023

Joe Rebozzi
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Event Participation
Closed event, BAR Member's Only please.

The first year of the Roadster Roundup was 1966, with roadsters from Los Angeles Roadsters (LAR) and Bay Area Roadsters (BAR), in Pismo Beach, CA. since then, the Roadster Roundup has grown to four clubs, with the addition of San Jose Roadsters (SJR) and Valley Roadsters (VR), coming together at different venues in the state to enjoy the camaraderie of roadster owners. 

Members at Rest

  • Andy Brizio
  • Don Brusseau - B.A.R Club Founder
  • Dick Mendonca - Member
  • Glen Dennee - Member
  • Dewayne Metcalf - Member
  • Warren Freedlun - Lifetime Member
  • Dennis DeBenedictis - Lifetime Member
  • Tony Hobbs - Lifetime Member
  • Doug Silva - Honorary Member
  • Joe Casanova - Member