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Deuce Day - Victiora B.C.

Saturday, 20 July 2013 to Monday, 22 July 2013
Event Participation: 
OPEN event, Visitors are Welcome to attend.

Deuce Days History
Since 2000, Northwest Deuce Day has been growing in popularity.

The first event was held in Victoria's Oak Bay Village. In 2002, the event was moved to Chilliwack and grew in size with over 80 1932 Fords in attendance.

In 2004, it moved back to Victoria's and its inner harbour and featured 127 1932 Fords.

Then, in 2007, again at Victoria's inner harbour, the big show to commenorate the 75th. anniversary of The Deuce. This show would feature over 400 1932 Fords of the 761 registered. WOW!

In 2010, the event was, once again at the Inner Harbour and we had another terrific turnout. Because of the popularity of the event, it became a three-day event and the name was changed to Northwest Deuce Days (from Day).

Deuce Days 2013
For 2013, there are, one again, Friday activities, a Gala Banquet, and, of course, the main attraction on Sunday at the Inner Harbour

2013 Registration Form > Download

More information can be found at the Deuce Day Event Webiste > Visit Site

Additional information can be found at Deuces Northwest Webiste > Visit Site

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