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Our 2007 Year End Review

As The Club Cruises

Meeting Dates & Locations Another year has come and gone, ending with a great Christmas Party, which all the Bay Area Roadsters Members and their wives enjoyed.

Our 2004 Year End Review

Activities and Events Attended in 2004

Our first run was held in mid April, and hosted by Woody Johnson. We started out the day with a brunch at Woody's home before taking a ride through the woods and over the Santa Cruz Mountains. Although it rained most of the day, we all had a great time and saw a lot of beautiful countryside. In the late afternoon, we returned to the Los Gatos area and had a great dinner. After spending the night we headed home on Sunday.

In June, Terry Elbert planned a one day run which included a cruise to the top of Mount Diablo. After enjoying the 360-degree view we headed down the mountain and into Pleasanton where we had lunch and held the club meeting.

Our 2003 Year End Review

Activities and Events Attended in 2003

In the summer months, BAR tries to hold their monthly meetings on Saturdays in different locations so that we can take advantage of the beautiful Bay Area weather and picturesque back road sights. The ideal locations are not to far away so that we can drive our hotrods and enjoy the scenery within one day. We also look for places where the gals can enjoy themselves while we are holding our meeting (like SHOPPING)>>

Our 2001 Year End Review

Activities and Events Attended in 2001

In late March eight members lead by Andy Brizio took a little ride to Delmar in southern California to attend the inaugural Goodguys Event to be held in that City.

The Clubs activities started out with a BBQ at the Home of Dennis Varni, on the first Saturday in April. This is always a special treat, Dennis has put together a large collection of automotive memorabilia, and he always has some project in process we can check out.

Our 2000 Year End Review

Activities and Events Attended in 2000

The first activity of the year was our 40 Year Reunion held at the Blackhawk Auto Museum in Danville. Over 75 past members and their wives attended the reunion to talk about the good old days and meet the members who over the past forty years have carried on the Roadster tradition. The reunion was a first class event which was cratered by Scotts of Walnut Creek with live music for a night of dancing. If you haven't had a chance to visit the Blackhawk Auto Museum, you should take the time. It is a great facility and a one-of-a- kind collection right here in the Bay Area.

The first club Run of the year was in was a Cruise down the Valley to the Goodguys March Meet in Bakersfield this was a weekend with fast cars and long nights.


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