About Us

The Bay Area Roadsters Club was officially formed in 1959 by founder Don Brusseau and four other members. From the humble beginnings the Club has progressed to the present where the maximum membership is 35. The Club currently has 10 members with 25 years or more, which qualifies them as Lifetime members. There are also 8 more members with 10 or more years of membership. In addition, there are four honorary lifetime members of the Club.

The Bay Area Roadsters and the LA Roadsters co-founded the Roadster Roundup which has continued on, and is now in it's fifth decade. This invitational-only Event is considered by many as the Grand Daddy of modern-day Rod Runs. The B.A.R. as it is commonly known, was very instrumental in helping to keep the Street Rodding alive during the Muscle-Car era of the 60's and 70's.

The Club encourages Street Rod use. Members are required to attend monthly meetings and drive their roadsters on several weekend Club Runs. "NO SHOW QUEENS ALLOWED"

Although most members' roadsters have been shown at most of the major car shows and have done their share of winning (Several America's Most Beautiful Roadster winners) all are driven regularly and for long distances. Trips to other Street Rod Events across the United States and Canada are commonplace for many. All roadsters are inspected regularly for safety and appearance.

Bottom Line Keep it Fun, Safe, and in the Wind.

B.A.R. The Oldest Roadster Club in Northern California


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